Quality Assurance & Risk Management

We’ve been around the block and know what works and what doesn’t. We help you make sure your digital and ERP initiative stays on track and provide you with actionable advisory so you go live on time, within budget and on quality. We bring our proven QA health check methodology tailored to your situation. What makes Avoras different is we don’t just tell you what’s wrong, we also offer realistic solutions and incorporate that back into the plan.  As a result, you will enjoy a smooth project, saving time and costs.

What we do

We provide comprehensive Program Quality Assurance & Risk Management services, providing clients with a health check and independent advisory on ongoing initiatives. Our services are delivered by highly experienced consultants with the required industry exposure, and include:

  • Balanced and impartial recommendations
  • Close involvement of all partners in the assignment
  • Flexible QA Scorecard based on proven best practices
  • Risk Management Frameworks & Governance

Assuring the quality of an initiative is often treated like an afterthought. In truth, it pains us to say that for some organisations QA (verification) only comes into play after the damage is already done and the lack of preventative measures is apparent. Our Program Quality Assurance counteracts this: we provide an independent review that paints an accurate picture of the current program status.

We assess program performance during periodic work sessions, which in turn allow us to ensure risk management is implemented to anticipate potential problems. We are independent and live by the motto: “Doveryai, no proveryai” or “trust, but verify”.

Through our many decades of experience, we have developed a flexible scorecard template to help you measure and verify your initiative’s progress on dimensions of cost, schedule, resource, and quality.

Last but not least, what makes us different is our approach to quality assurance and risk management. We are not just here to tell you what’s wrong. We understand root causes, provide you with actionable recommendations and incorporate them back into your overall plan.


Case in point

Avoras team at work

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A company with a global reputable brand in pharmaceutical manufacturing engaged us because key digital initiatives had failed. We stepped in and joined key meetings, analyzing Program Plan, Vendor Staffing, Vendor Cost and Application Architecture.

After reviewing key deliverables such as project plans, implementation plan and approach, resource estimates, staffing and skill recommendations as well as architectural decisions, we identified a number of risks and proposed actionable mitigation recommendations.

We were able to help set key initiatives up for success, providing a new governance and reporting basis. The client was able to refocus their energy on driving the initiative instead of engaging in fire-fighting missions.

Our Capabilities

We bring the energy, can-do attitude and capabilities required to lead your complex digital transformation.
ERP Program & Project Management

Building on more than 30 years of SAP ERP consulting know-how and experience from numerous implementation projects, we help you introduce SAP S/4HANA in either Greenfield, Brownfield or Bluefield approaches, by employing scalable Agile project management practices.

  • We check your company’s SAP S/4HANA® readiness levels and bring the necessary project management software tools with us for the switch.
  • We show you the best project planning models and measure each option’s advantages and disadvantages.
  • We recommend a suitable migration strategy – aiming for a flexible, modern target architecture.

And once we have jointly defined an implementation approach, we run the initiative together with you as independent advisors, supporting you hands-on as we jointly tackle complex decisions.

Organizational Change Management & Training

People are at the core of any ERP implementation, and critically drive the realization of the initiative’s value case. Ensuring organizational and culture change readiness for the transformation is, therefore, a critical success factor and requires careful preparation. Our OCM team tailors an approach to your initiative based on a proven methodology, including:

  • Engaging stakeholders on the basis of a comprehensive stakeholder map
  • Preparing and orchestrating program-internal training and bootcamps
  • Identifying and analysing change impacts across functional areas
  • Educating end-users and leadership of the upcoming changes
  • Handling impending operational changes to ensure a smooth cutover from As-Is to To-Be process and solution landscape
Independent Vendor Strategy & Management

As we are independent of large scale system integration vendors, we provide an unbiased view on vendor performance and vendor relationship management. Based on our experience in managing consulting resources as well as off- and near-shore development factories, we stand by your side when negotiating important contracts or defining KPI frameworks to track vendor risk management and plan adherence

Last but not least, based on our experience of running numerous full-cycle ERP implementations, we provide an independent assessment of vendor proposals, approaches and solutions.

Value Cases & Program Setup

Justifying an investment in S/4HANA can be a daunting task; we see it as an opportunity to create anticipation and build buy-in from your leadership. A value case is structured into quantitative and qualitative aspects and needs to consider any cost (material or immaterial) of doing nothing. Over the years, we have developed a robust Value Case design framework:

  1. Assessment of As-Is process and solution KPIs, identification of pain points, opportunities and ambitions (e.g. through senior stakeholder interviews)
  2. Definition, sizing of value levers and description, alignment of high-level solution scope
  3. Customer value realization roadmap definition
  4. Costing & Benefit Model design, calculation of NPV based on IRR
  5. Senior stakeholder presentation

Depending on program scope and complexity as well as stakeholder availability, the framework can be executed in as little as 2 months. Please reach out to us for an approach tailored to your unique context.

Audit Preparation & Support

Both internal, as well as external Program Audits, require careful preparation of evidence and interviews to be conducted by the auditors, this is the start of the audit trail set up. We define the preparation checklist which consists of a set of guidelines and principles while preparing your team, thus ensuring the audit is executed in a seamless manner. After each interview, we conduct an interviewee debrief, identifying areas where additional evidence needs to be supplied or further clarifications may be necessary, ensuring we avoid misalignments between the interviewees. At the end of the day, we are ready to issue an audit report that is based on the audit trail documentation and pre-audit planning activities.

Gene Yuan

Gene Yuan

Director Avoras USA

The ERP hospital healthcare space is ripe for digital transformation.  We see a pattern developing and are excited to be able to start that with you or help you complete it.  For us, two key critical success factors are “data, data, data” and organizational business process change management.


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