Organizational Change Management

Picture this: you are prepared to undertake one of your largest transformation initiatives. The roadmap is set, and program leadership is eager to celebrate success. But you lack one key ingredient that could kill the entire process: employee engagement and commitment. In fact, internal alignment and effective preparation are missing, putting your entire transformation process at risk – this is the cost of neglecting Change Management. 
And this is where we come in. 
Our team of OCM experts will help you navigate complex change through proven frameworks by bringing people on the journey. 

What we do

 Our change management services are delivered across four pillars. Each of them is crucial for a successful change journey.  
  • Change Strategy & Governance
  • Change Readiness
  • Competence Development
  • Communication & Engagement 
      We ensure cross-functional alignment when managing change, making sure that the transition from As-Is to To-Be process is as smooth as possible. In doing so, we align the change strategy with the overall business vision, develop powerful governance structures, communicate in a clear, consistent, and timely manner, build capabilities, drive adoption, and continuously track outcomes.  

      Our OCM Services

      Digital & ERP  Solution Delivery

      Our OCM Approach

      Digital & ERP  Solution Delivery

      Case in point

      Avoras team at work

      Bridging business and people along the change journey

      A Healthcare industry client was undertaking a comprehensive digital transformation with limited resources – change seemed complex due to change fatigue, a lack of strategy, decreasing engagement and business divisions. We stepped in with the goal of establishing a mechanism to align Program Management to business and people’s needs. 
      After an in-depth analysis, we helped reshape the program portfolio to ensure focus on impactful activities and change interventions. Our team delivered a streamlined change experience with effective communication and training touchpoints that helped support users and prepare the business for deployment.  
       Along the change journey, we tracked relevant metrics and ensured that progress was happening against pre-defined KPIs and equipped business-integrated change communities with scalable OCM tools.    
      With a focus on people along the deployment cycle, the transition to ‘business as usual’ was smooth, sustainable and, most importantly, successful. 

      Our Capabilities

      We bring the energy, can-do attitude and capabilities required to lead your complex digital transformation.
      Change Strategy & Governance Structure

      With great change comes great responsibility.

      If you want to ensure sustainable and successful change, it is crucial to rethink existing governance structures and to effectively manage your people – they should be the primary focus of any change initiative.

      We support you from day one by designing a change strategy that accounts for your teams’ specific needs, aligns with your corporate purpose, captures your specific business necessities and creates a clear ownership structure.

      By establishing a strong governance network that will oversee all change-related activities, we’ll support you in promoting internal clarity, effective communication and accountability amongst teams involved in change. This governance network will ensure a smooth transition across all organizational levels.

      Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

      Each change is unique. There is no magic formula for implementing change management and no such one-size-fits-all change approach.

      Our team will support you in kicking off your internal alignment and empower your organization to achieve results, taking into consideration your specific needs. We support you in promoting the right culture for change, overcoming structural challenges and transforming ways of working.

      By designing a comprehensive stakeholder map, we’ll promote clarity amongst stakeholder groups. As we get familiar with the specific needs of affected stakeholders, we anticipate potential change resistance and design a strategy to take them on the journey from understanding to adoption.

      With cross-functional thinking and visionary leadership, your efforts are set to pay off.

      Change Impact Analysis

      Based on extensive experience and proven frameworks, we will help assess the true impact of your business transformation – on people, processes, technology and across all functional areas.

      This process is done by conducting an extensive and standardized analysis that highlights the most critical business changes and the most impacted users. This analytical process ensures appropriate focus and feeds into subsequent business readiness plans that help tailor the right approach for your business transformation.

      This assessment step is what will allow you to appropriately plan not only change, but all deployment activities – and, most importantly, to drive them toward success. 

      Change Indicators & Analytics

      To keep people onboard with your change initiative, you need data, metrics, and dashboards that are accurate, relevant and engaging. 

      We design and provide OCM reporting that supports you in keeping track of your initiatives and drives accountability. These resources allow you to analyze past efforts, set benchmarks, define forecasts and monitor your progress. 

      We will bring all the key measures into the discussion in order to track and monitor progressincluding powerful “soft” and “hard” indicators designed for your change journey. Detailed insights will help validate upcoming decisions based on real data and the context. 

      An in-depth analysis of these operational metrics will be key in developing adoption tactics that will drive your business transformation to success in the long run. 

      Competence Development & Learning

      Change can be an enormous disruption.  

      Those who enjoyed the former environment are likely to resist change efforts, creating some difficulties along the transformation process. The only way around this is by creating a learner-centric approach from day one. 

      If you handle change by combining it with a seamless learning process that accounts for your people’s needs, you’ll be able to identify and avoid potential team-related roadblocks early on. 

       We support you in this process by identifying any skill gaps and designing custom-fit paths for individual competence development. Not only will these learning journeys help your team embrace new digital solutions, processes, and environments successfully, they will also allow your talents to grow along with the change. 

      Making use of our extensive experience, we will create a 360º learning experience that encourages lifelong learning, promotes knowledge retention and ensures a smooth transition. 

      Organizational Communication

      Change management can’t meet its full potential without a sound communication plan – resistance arises when there is a lack of understanding about where the organization is headed towards.

      Promoting transparent communication that is closely aligned to your strategic goals will drive engagement and a successful change.

      With a tailored communication strategy, our team ensures the transformation is fully and clearly communicated. We make sure each and every individual understands the importance of change and how their work fits into the larger picture in order to increase adherence to new ways of working.

      With this common narrative, we deliver effective messaging and promote the success of your change initiatives.

      Julia Matzinger

      Julia Matzinger

      Managing Consultant | Change Management & Competence Development Lead

      Passionate about transformation, Julia brings over 10 years of experience in dealing with people and organisational development. With her hands-on mentality and strategic thinking, she empowers teams to embrace change initiatives and innovation to reach their full potential.


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