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Digital Transformation Methodology & Tools

We eat, sleep, and breathe agility and ERP delivery. At the same time, we understand your regulatory minefield. Based on this, we help you tailor the right agile approach, delivering maximum value at the shortest sustainable lead time, while ensuring you stay compliant. And then we set up your tools such as Jira, Smartsheet or Solution Manager, to help you fast-track your initiative.

What we do

Project methods and tools need to be designed right from the start to enable the project and solution lifecycle end to end. We support your strategic initiatives with:

  • Solution Delivery Methodology Design
  • Solution Validation Strategy and Execution Support
  • Quality & Compliance Review and Advisory
  • Methodology and Agile Trainings and Coaching
  • Toolset Requirements Definition & Implementation

Are you still looking for the silver bullet to solve all your project methodology and tooling problems so you can solely focus on driving your digital transformation?

We have come to realize that there is no one-size-fits-all-solution for this.  Defining the right methodology requires considering a number of factors, for example among else:

  • The technology you implement and its specific requirements towards the delivery methodology
  • The degree of agility you want to drive within your initiative
  • Available application lifecycle management tools
  • Decision-making and organizational governance
  • Your regulatory environment

A defined project methodology and its supporting tools must be flexible enough to cope with:


  1. Existing and upcoming strategic tool-set decisions: Fundamentally, companies either take a “best-of-breed” approach, harmonizing IT processes, or choose a SAP®-centric application strategy, integrating and optimizing IT for SAP usage. Key aspects of this decision are driven by the depth of integration required for document management, process modeling, training, system change management, and project reporting.
  2. Project lifecycle requirements and changes to the delivery approach: Early project phases have a high focus on expert-focused delivery with limited handovers, requireing processes that are optimized to handle complexity and integration. Later project phases must be optimized for scale-up and involvement of delivery factories, requiring processes that are optimized for distribution of workload.
Digital Transformation Methodology & Tools

Interested in accelerating your transformation?

Get started with our Delivery Framework PRISM

    Project methods and tools need to be designed right from the start to support the full project and system lifecycle. Furthermore, all the regulatory needs must be embedded in the delivery method to avoid unnecessary rework while eliminating inefficiencies.

    Over the years, we have built a rich library of flexible templates, accelerators and working guidelines that we use to tailor the right methodology for your individual needs. We understand different needs across the full lifecycle of the projects, can combine and scale approaches based on existing tools and target settings.

    Would you like to understand if our modular toolset can also provide answers to your methodology questions? Contact us anytime for a call over a cup of coffee.


    Digital Transformation Methodology & Tools

    Case in point

    Avoras team at work

    Turning a tanker
    into a speedboat

    A global life sciences corporation embarked on their largest-ever digital business transformation and requested our support in defining an agile solution delivery methodology.

    After jointly evaluating the right degree of agility for the initiative, as well as understanding the regulatory framework, we tailored a solution delivery approach that ignited the rocket booster on their initiative while leveraging existing application lifecycle management governance, processes and tools on the basis of SAP Solution Manager. 

    To drive maximum collaboration across the 700+ people team, we defined tool requirements and implemented all methodology processes on Jira, and defined templates on the basis of Confluence. 

    Our client confirms: “Making the methodology easy-to-follow and intuitive on the basis of a well-setup toolset was one of the key success enablers for our program.”

    Our Capabilities

    We bring the energy, can-do attitude and capabilities required to lead your complex digital transformation.
    ERP Program & Project Management

    Building on more than 30 years of SAP® ERP consulting know-how and experience from numerous implementation projects, we help you introduce SAP S/4HANA® in either Greenfield, Brownfield or Bluefield approaches, by employing scalable Agile project management practices.

    • We check your company’s SAP S/4HANA readiness levels and bring the necessary project management software tools with us for the switch.
    • We show you the best project planning models and measure each option’s advantages and disadvantages.
    • We recommend a suitable migration strategy – aiming for a flexible, modern target architecture.

    And once we have jointly defined an implementation approach, we run the initiative together with you as independent advisors, supporting you hands-on as we jointly tackle complex decisions.


    Master Data Management & Data Migration

    An often overlooked aspect of an ERP transformation is data. Apart from designing global data management processes based on industry best practices, we focus on implementing global master data governance that is anchored in a strong organization. This is to ensure the business can capitalize on high data quality, implementing use cases that create intelligence and improve business decision-making.

    Fit for purpose master data cleansing and migration approaches, based on best practices, cleansing rules and advanced solutions and MDM tools, allow us to achieve a successful data migration.

    Jira & SAP Solution Manager Requirements & Setup

    Your project tools landscape sits at the very core of your initiative and provides the basis for your team’s collaboration, documentation and work management. A common question is how to automate SAP’s Fit-to-Standard Assessment as much as possible: This includes overseeing and challenging the requirements management effort throughout the Design, Build, Test and Deployment lifecycle as well as the creation of user stories to define technical objects.

    We bring extensive experience in setting up and defining requirements for project management software tools such as Jira, Confluence, Smartsheet, and others, thus enabling you to work seamlessly with your SAP Solution Manager (CHARM and Focused Build). For your initiative, we define a work breakdown structure on the basis of Epics, Features and Stories and train your team on agile terminology and scalable change management procedures. We define tool use cases and identify best-of-breed tools (incl. any necessary Add-ons), define required issue types, workflows or custom fields for Jira, and align rules of engagement for the usage of Confluence.

    Are you interested in sharing knowledge and learning more about some of the hard lessons we have learned when setting up tooling? Please contact us.

    Computer System Validation Strategy & Execution

    An overhead and cumbersome governance to some, if done right, Computer Systems Validation (CSV) will actually safeguard your project and ensure regulatory compliance in the aerospace, healthcare or life sciences space. As sleepless nights often stem from incomplete end-to-end consideration, we can help you through this journey based on decades of experience in implementing SAP in validated environments.

    In addition to conceptually designing a system validation strategy, we marry the concepts of software validation with effective tooling such as Jira, Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager, Smartsheet and others, to promote collaboration throughout the initiative and manage your requirements traceability with as little friction as possible.

    Karl-Heinz Merx

    Karl-Heinz Merx

    Director SAP

    Charly is a Rockstar on delivery methodology design and complex program leadership. A client calls him “Swiss Army Knife”. Get in touch for questions on Pharma & Life Sciences SAP implementation approaches, hybrid agile solution delivery and validation strategies.


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