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Business Process Consulting

Not sure how to design your warehouse automation? Call us. Changes required in your intercompany tax setup? Done. Issues with your production planning? Fixed. We’re not just people who love digital transformation. We understand your business, too, and help you bring end-to-end process innovation and cutting-edge tech into your business. Our experts bring deep business process know-how, combined with latest technology and project methodologies such as Agile and SAFe.

What we do

With our deep process expertise across industries, we support our clients in identifying improvement potentials in their processes and develop an end-to-end optimization concept. By integrating everyone involved in the process, we ensure that the solution is supported by all actors. Through enablement of your organization, we ensure your team makes optimal use of the new potential.

Domains where we have been supporting our clients include:

  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Procurement & Category Management
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Production Planning & Manufacturing Execution
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Finance & Controlling
  • VAT, Corporate Tax & Transfer Pricing/Tax Turntables

New ways of working, an ever-changing business environment and restless competition require many businesses to rethink their process landscape while leveraging available technologies. This is where we come in: We enable companies to innovate, while also ensuring they stay nimble, and can react quickly to changing business priorities.

In addition to streamlining your operations, we help you put the required governance and organization in place to ensure your business starts to incrementally self-optimize, essentially, helping your teams help themselves in the long run. By involving and empowering all process actors, we ensure that the solution is fully accepted.

We understand silos and know what it takes to break them up. With our end-to-end mindset, we bring the latest know-how on industry best practices into your business process engineering discussions and help you rethink and re-design how work is done, supporting your organization’s long-term goals.

We raise awareness towards an end-to-end mindset during process design discussions and help drive the definition of E2E scenarios and their mapping  to your business process landscape.

E2E Mindset

Last but not least, we help you build, test and deploy your E2E business scenarios, effectively managing technical interdependencies, on the basis of Jira, SAP Solution Manager, or your selected application lifecycle management tool.

E2E Szenario

Case in point

Avoras team at work

Think smart,
think end-to-end

A global pharmaceutical enterprise was in midst of a process re-design initiative, when it became clear that the process design workshops had not been conducted with an end-to-end mindset, and thus not broken up the functional silos. 

We deployed a quick task force and defined all end-to-end business scenarios, mapping and connecting the L5 process steps and identifying the cross-functional touchpoints that had not yet been considered. Six weeks later we had mapped out all end-to-end processes in a spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet became one of the most important inputs for subsequent ERP implementation activities such as determining technical dependencies during Build Sprint 0, test script creation or “Day-in-the-Life” preparation. Looking back, the client is certain that the quick action prevented significant milestone delays.


Our Capabilities

We bring the energy, can-do attitude and capabilities required to lead your complex digital transformation.
Finance & Controlling

SAP has become a global reference in Finance & Controlling. With SAP S/4HANA, this backbone was made even more robust with new capabilities that enable advanced real-time analytics. Based on our business process experience across various industries and enterprise sizes, we drive the template design and business process re-engineering efforts on your behalf, challenging key stakeholders to take a radical fit-to-standard approach to the configuration of your SAP financial system.

During our process design efforts, we always take an end-to-end view: integration topics with up and downstream functions are proactively addressed and closed, from SAP FI and SAP CO to SAP SD and SAP MM.

Procurement & Materials Management

Our Procurement & Materials Management experts translate your business requirements to solution requirements and set the foundation for your end-to-end logistics process landscape. We provide you with best practices in operative, strategic sourcing and procurement and inventory management, and challenge your business to leverage standard SAP functionality wherever possible.

This domain is strongly integrated with accounting, finance and controlling processes, your supply chain planning setup and your logistics landscape. We navigate this complexity for you and proactively drive integration decisions for closure.

Supply Chain, Production Planning and Execution

At the core of your digital supply chain, you want to optimize your logistics and manufacturing processes. With our planning, production, shop floor and logistics experience from across industries (Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Hospital Care) we bring relevant best practices and new perspectives. From guidance to set up your master data and master data processes to automatic creation and scheduling of production orders in ERP and process order execution, we help you apply best practices and cover the solution gaps.

We help you design an integrated solution considering an external planning system, a manufacturing execution system (MES) or a quality management system when necessary. We have wide experience in production and warehouse management including handling unit and batch management, batch determination and pre-allocation of batches to the productions orders, creation of batch records, in-process control, storage conditions, batch country restrictions, etc.

For more information, please refer to our insights.

Warehouse Management

Based on our experience of multiple SAP WM (Warehouse Management) and EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) full-lifecycle implementations, we know the ins and outs of warehouses and can drive your requirements collection with a radical fit-to-standard approach.

EWM gives you radical transparency on your warehouse operations and will include all business scenarios from inbound processes to outbound processes. In addition, together with your Process Owners, we define your standard for warehouse internal activities such as standard picking, packing, kitting and supplying to a production area. Especially on the basis of EWM, we deeply understand the complexities around integrating cutting-edge technology, such as Voice Picking, RFID tags, temperature-controlled storage locations, label scanners and labelling solutions or intelligent workforce enablement devices (e.g. headsets).

Based on your unique requirements, we help you optimize warehouse-internal operations in order to reduce processing times, error rates and improve resource management.

Quality Management, EH&S and Dangerous Goods

Especially in highly regulated industries, ERP Quality Management is at the core of all operations aspects. We understand your unique challenges with regards to Batch and Handling Unit Management, how you define your batch characteristics and classification. We help you define your Batch Release concept and integrate constraints such as temperature control data, for example from IoT devices or connected cold storage rooms. We help you integrate with other data quality management systems.

In addition, we are no strangers to Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) regulations and procedures, and help you define the required master data quality models to ensure you build a single source of truth for your Dangerous Goods, for example with respect to your geography-specific Material Data Safety Sheets.

Dario Götte

Dario Götte


Aircraft Engineer turned SAP MM Consultant turned Global Program Delivery Hero: Testing and validation in Life Sciences are his home turf. As well as just getting any job done you throw at him. The client calls him “Mr. Fire-and-Forget”. He prefers “The Fixer”.


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