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Frem Joller
Project Management and CSV/Quality Expert
Frem is an expert in project management with a special focus on Computerized System Validation & Quality in pharmaceuticals. He believes that high-quality project outcomes can be achieved by integrating CSV & Quality teams and processes early on.

Quality Assurance – Ensuring your ERP Program will not Fail

Quality Assurance

Over half of corporate initiatives fail to meet anticipated results due to poor program management and lack of skills (Gartner, CIO Study).

Despite history repeating itself on many ERP programs, it seems that there is no substitute for real in-depth experience of these issues and how to manage them successfully. Avoras brings a wealth of expertise to help our clients successfully navigate the challenges of ERP-enabled transformations. Program success depends on the right combination of ERP skills, program implementation expertise and a proven approach. Avoras recommends to follow a proven QA methodology and approach to provide an independent review to ensure program health and solution quality based on a rigorous, proven quality framework:

Voices of industry leaders

“We have taken a unique approach to quality assurance. We wanted guidance around governance and change management. We wanted to know ‘how do we effectively deploy this solution? When do we deploy? What is the rollout schedule? We will also be engaging with the pilot market to make sure we get this right. It’s about reducing the risk of the project. It’s horrendously expensive, takes an awful lot of time. It’s absolutely important to get it correct. It’s not about saving money – you save money by doing the project right first time.”

Arthur M – Head of SAP Program (Life Science multinational firm, Switzerland)

“We could not have achieved a successful go-live, with the given time constraints, strict budget, remain within scope plus ensure quality of deliverables without the quality assurance done. The credibility the team brought to the project, gave us leaders a sufficient level of comfort to steer the project in the right direction, which finally led to a successful implementation.”

Markus B – CIO (Medical device multinational firm, Germany)

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Quality Assurance & Risk Management

We help you make sure your digital and ERP initiative stays on track and provide you with actionable advisory so you go live on time, within budget and on quality. We bring our proven QA health check methodology tailored to your situation.

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