Hospital Healthcare


Hospitals must embrace the new digital workplace and ERP so they can reduce cost and risks while increasing value provided to patients and ensuring compliance.

Current trends & challenges

  • Increase investments in Electronic Health Record systems
    Patient data and diagnosis are the most valuable information for doctors to provide the best treatment. No longer are the days of doctors recording or transcribing their notes.  Investement have poured into Patient and Clinical Solutions.  Data are entered directly into EHR for more accuracy and efficiency.
  • Modernization of hospital ERP systems
    To support Patient and Clinical Solutions, the ERP backbone of hospitals are ripped for modernization.  If properly management, the emergence of cloud applications makes the investment easier as the to-be business process is already defined.  The key to success is for the business domain to embrace and march to the new business process. It is all about organizational change management.
  • Security Breaches
    Security breaches have not bypassed hospitals. Ransomware attacks continue to be one of the key concerns of hospital executives. Most of this is due to antiquated applications, servers and infrastructure. Therefore, the need to embrace modernized ERP systems and architectures becomes even more important.

How we address them

  • Application Strategy
    The evolution of cloud and modern integration platforms is creating a pattern the Hospital ERP space.  Leveraging our years of experience in the ERP, we will work with you on your future ERP eco-system that fits your hospital for many years to come.  The promises of efficiencies, information at a click, and enhanced compliance are all coming true.  No longer are the days of applying patches to applications and servers.  Modern ERP cloud platforms will also allow for a more secure eco-system that is more resilient to data breaches.
  • Project Management
    We will be a close partner with your team and the selected vendor to ensure a smooth digital transformation.  Meeting the budget and timeline will allow for more investment in the EHR space.
  • Data Governance and Migration
    We are experts in “data”. We will work with you and your ERP vendor to perform data clean-up and migration while building a data governance model.



The ERP hospital healthcare space is ripe for digital transformation.  We see a pattern developing and are excited to be able to start that with you or help you complete it.  For us, two key critical success factors are “data, data, data” and organizational business process change management.


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